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You don't hear too much from Mel Gibson these days but he's got a good one out right now with his latest action, thriller "Blood Father".  The premise surrounds a young girl (Erin Moriarty) who's gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd and after accidentally shooting the son of one of the biggest drug lords in all of Mexico, she goes running to her father John Link, a rough, gritty Mel Gibson, in order to hide and find protection. The thing is, after plenty of run-ins with the police and now out on probation, John doesn’t have the law on his side either.

Being a father-daughter film, “Blood Father” reminded me a lot of last year’s drama, thriller “Maggie” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, only instead of zombies, Gibson and Co. are on the run from hitmen and drug dealers.

In “Blood Father” there’s plenty of action to go around and the director makes great use of sound effects that provide plenty of quick jumps when you least expect them.

I give “Blood Father” 3 out of 4 Stars.