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“10 Cloverfield Lane”, the long anticipated sequel to 2008’s found footage film “Cloverfield”, bears no resemblance to its predecessor and was shot this time in a much more traditional fashion with a finely tuned script and well-developed characters that made it highly enjoyable to watch.

The film opens with a major car crash involving the main protagonist Michelle, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who’s most notable role up until this picture was playing Bruce Willis’s daughter in the two latest “Die Hard” films.  Michelle, unconscious after the wreck, is taken in by Howard, the man who crashed into her (a brilliant but very creepy performance by John Goodman) to his old farmhouse out in the boonies of Louisiana.  When Michelle wakes up she finds herself chained to a wall, separated from her belongings and unable to move.  Howard explains the situation of how she was involved in a wreck and how there has been an alien-biochemical takeover on planet earth.  Michelle is reluctant to believe him and spends nearly every minute of the film thereafter trying to figure out if he’s telling the truth.  The ending which I won’t go too far into to avoid any kind of spoilers bears striking resemblance to Steven Speilberg’s Jaws and the summer blockbuster “Independence Day”. 

There’s not too many jumps in “10 Cloverfield Lane” but the suspense builds rapidly as no one knows for sure what’s going on outside and if the characters, with all their mixed personalities, will be able to survive under the same roof. The film was surprisingly creepy and quite good especially when viewed on the big screen. 

I recommend seeing “10 Cloverfield Lane” while it’s still in theaters and give it 3 out of 4 stars.