11-15-2016 MOVIE REVIEW: THE MONSTER (2016)

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11-15-2016 MOVIE REVIEW: THE MONSTER (2016)

This years’ Halloween has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find a good scare.  “The Monster” directed by Bryan Bertino, whose other notable credit includes 2008’s “The Strangers,” provides plenty of jumps and shrills in its brief ninety-minute runtime.

The film follows a young girl named Lizzy (I know another Lizzy…) who bears responsibility for taking care of her abusive, drunk, irresponsible mother named Kathy.  The relationship is unconventional in that the daughter, despite an abusive set of parents and no one to lean on, has found a way to maturate seemingly on her own.  The two head out late one afternoon as Lizzy’s scheduled to visit her father and along one of the back roads they get into a serious accident after a large wolf jumps in front of them.  Surrounded on both sides by dense forestry, when the wolf they hit vanishes they realize something creepy lurks in the woods.

“The Monster,” in its entirety, takes place in a single set and plays out in real time shortly after midnight.  Given so many fresh faces and another monster story I went into this film with low expectations but came away double checking behind my back and to be quite honest with you, terrified for the first ten minutes after that.  Even for those seasoned viewers of horror films that know precisely what to look for in terms of random surprise, the effects coordinators make it incredibly difficult to anticipate what’s coming next.

I enjoyed “The Monster” and give it 3 out of 4 Stars.