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If you’ve lived through the 90’s then you’ve undoubtedly heard of the rock and roll band Oasis, whose hit songs include: Live Forever, Wonderwall and Champaign Supernova were some of the most played and beloved tracks of the decade.  For the two front men, the Gallagher brothers: Liam and Noel of Manchester, England getting to the top however wasn’t as easy as it may have seemed. 

From the producers of the award winning documentaries: “Senna” (Aryton Senna) and “Amy” (Amy Winehouse) comes the group’s latest picture, “Oasis: Supersonic” –a two hour plus epic documentary on the history of the band Oasis; narrated in its entirety by actual interviews with Liam and Noel Gallagher and other current and former members of the band.  The film includes never before seen restored-footage of the bands early years together and director Mat Whitecross was given exclusive access to each of the brother’s personal lives.

The film highlights the natural abilities of the younger brother Liam, the lead vocalist, while emphasizing it was Noel’s brilliant songwriting ability that popularized the band and made them all rockstars.

Despite selling over eighty-million albums, as widely noted, Oasis broke up in 2009 and the brothers haven’t spoken to one another in years.  Both were integral in helping to get this film made, but were never interviewed together because of the continued bitterness and resentment between them. In fact Noel having worked closely with the director for months didn’t show up at the premiere earlier this fall as he found out his younger brother Liam was going to be in attendance.

The one thing “Oasis: Supersonic” doesn’t touch on is the latter years after the breakup but perhaps this is better left unsaid because for Oasis the music always came first. As you’re probably wondering, after the release of this film will the two ever get back together again? I wouldn’t plan on it, at least anytime soon.

I give “Oasis: Supersonic” 3.5 out of 4 Stars.