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Advertising on is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing online radio stations on the web and an exclusive source for content related to all things vintage antiques and collectibles with in-depth podcasts covering industry news and movie reviews for studio released pictures and independent film. News and Movies Radio, Owner Andrew K. Rawls (KN4RJB) has been actively involved in buying antiques and collectibles ever since he got his first computer, over twenty years ago and has helped bring to market many rare, one-of-a-kind items during this time that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and destroyed. Here on News and Movies Radio, every week thousands of listeners all across the world tune in for exclusive coverage of pop-culture, entertainment and collectibles found nowhere else. Join the movement and have your website, products and services noticed by advertising on the News and Movie Radio homepage today!

At this time we offer three proven advertising options to help drive traffic to your website and business. Of course, News and Movies Radio is willing to explore other creative options you may have. Please Contact Us for more details.

News and Movies Radio is the sister site to founded in 2012 by vintage movie poster collector Andrew K. Rawls and has become one of the most frequented and trafficked movie memorabilia sites in the world with thousands of page impressions and subscribers visiting each month.

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Get instant traffic to your website and business with the push of “THE BUTTON”! “THE BUTTON” Ad positions are located along the left side of the website. At this time advertisements are offered in two sizes:

  • 125px x 140px (file limit 15k w/ no animation)
  • 125px x 70px (file limit 5k w/ no animation)

Every time the News and Movies homepage is refreshed, “THE BUTTON” Ads in the left column are rotated evenly allowing equal exposure for each advertisement. Each month thousands of visitors and page impressions are made on the News and Movies Radio website resulting hundreds of thousands of views for the advertiser. Currently, the price for “THE BUTTON” is $35 per month.



“HEADLINE” News and Movies Radio and drive buyers to your website with this Texas-sized billboard Ad position (the largest we offer) covering the entire top portion of the News and Movies Radio website. “THE HEADLINE” is gigantic and people will run off the road when they see your Ad!

“You’ve got to see it to believe it!” This Ad position is reserved exclusively for a single advertiser each calendar month and does not rotate. Currently, the price for “THE HEADLINE “is $200 per month and is available in the following sizes:

  • 1230px wide by 80px tall (no animation)



Looking to get “ON THE AIR” and drive customers and traffic to your business as fast as a speeding bullet?  Look no further than our “ON THE AIR” Radio-Podcast Advertisement where we create a world-class commercial for you and “AIR” it before beginning each show.  The voices, languages and special effects that can be added to your commercial by our production artists are near endless. You send us your script, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll do the rest!  Our  “ON THE AIR”, Radio-Podcast Commercials are embedded at the beginning of every Movie Review, Interview and Podcast permanently and will never be altered or removed. Currently, the price for an “ON THE AIR”, Radio-Podcast Commercial Advertisement is $250 per month and includes a 45-60 second commercial.

Please Contact Us for any questions you may have related to advertising on News and Movies Radio.